Zip Line Gear

Zip line tours to the lush forests of Puerto Vallarta are exploding in popularity. Visitors are clamoring to experience the thrill-a-minute adventure of zooming high above the jungle floor on a zip cable. Most of these fantastic ecological tours not only include a zip line ride through the canopy but also other activities including rappelling, watersliding, mule riding, 4x4 Unimog off-roading, sightseeing, nature watching, and rock climbing. But the highlights of our tours are the zip line courses. Each course consists of ten to fourteen steel zip cables of various lengths. Each individual cable ride has a differing level of intensity.

Considering the dizzying heights of our canopy courses, it is understandable that you may be concerned about your personal safety. But, fear not -- we only use the safest, top-notch zipline, rappelling, and climbing equipment available. All of our gear is thoroughly inspected and maintained by our expertly-trained professional staff. We utilize 5/8-inch galvanized-steel cables capable of supporting five tons. Our pulleys, child-proof karabiners, shock-absorbing safety straps, safety harnesses, climbing and rappelling lines, and figure-eight rappelling devices are meticulously maintained. All participants in our canopy tours are supplied with helmets and gloves.

Our professional personnel take pride in strictly following all safety procedures. Our English-fluent crew always takes the proper time to instruct participants on the safest and most effective zip lining techniques. This activity may be perceived as an extreme sport with inherent physical risks, but we take every precaution to ensure that our clients enjoy a comfortable and safe tour.