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Get ready for a thrilling eco-excursion into the verdant jungle of the Sierra Madres, just a short air-conditioned drive from Nuevo Vallarta or Puerto Vallarta. We’ll transport you to our exclusive ecological preserve where you and your family and friends will enjoy soaring through the air on a series of zip line cables. You’ll experience a truly unique perspective of this amazingly lush environment as you stand on tree platforms, walk across tree-top suspension bridges, and zoom along zip lines.

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Located on the picturesque shore of Banderas Bay and at the foot of the majestic Sierra Madres, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect vacation destination for outdoors enthusiasts.

Our professional guides will lead you on an exciting zipline adventure through the lush emerald canopies of the Sierra Madre Mountains. You'll experience a one-of-a-kind view of this ecological paradise as you glide through the treetops.

Our experienced staff takes pride in providing a fun, educational, and safe eco-tours in the amazing natural environment of the Sierra Madre jungle. The diverse amount of exotic plant and animal life in this region will amaze you. You'll witness the beauty of brilliantly hued orchids, wild vanilla plants, singing parakeets, vividly colored parrots, spikey agave, as well as iguanas. These tours are not only perfect for thrill-seekers but nature enthusiasts as well.

Our English fluent guides are thoroughly trained to take every precaution to ensure our clients' safety by following strict safety procedures and meticulously inspecting our top-of-the-line equipment.

Zip Line Gear:

Considering the dizzying heights of our canopy courses, it is understandable that you may be concerned about your personal safety. But, fear not – we only use the safest, top-notch zipline, rappelling, and climbing equipment available. All of our gear is thoroughly inspected and maintained by our expertly-trained professional staff. We utilize 5/8-inch galvanized-steel cables capable of supporting five tons. Our pulleys, child-proof karabiners, shock-absorbing safety straps, safety harnesses, climbing and rappelling lines, and figure-eight rappelling devices are meticulously maintained. All participants in our canopy tours are supplied with helmets and gloves.

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